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Searching for a chiropractic clinic in Lakewood? Discover health and wellness in Lakewood is the answer to your chiropractic needs. Located off West Jewel Avenue and South Pierce Street, Dr. Cecily Kampwerth has been treating patients and bringing them back to optimal health without the use of drugs or surgery. This chiropractic clinic is based on corrective chiropractic care, and patients have seen great results through this care. Patients can range from new borns through to patients well past their retirement age. If you are tired of your aches and pains and are ready for a change, or want to improve your overall health to better your life, then Discover health and wellness in Lakewood is right for you. Patients are welcomed into the office with warm smiles and understanding and knowledgeable personnel, who can reassure and educate patients so they know what exactly is at the root of their health problems. We serve the Lakewood, Wheat Ridge, Applewood, Sheridan areas within the Denver metro and our goal is to improve the overall health and wellness of all the surrounding areas. Change your life for the better and book an appointment today at Discover health and wellness in Lakewood.

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