Patient Testimonials

Patient Testimonials

At Discover Health and Wellness, we measure our success by your success, which is why we’re so thrilled that so many of our patients are seeing true improvements to their health. Check out the testimonials below.

  • Lorilee M.

    Since I have been going to Discover in Westminster, I have never felt better, more relaxed and alert. The staff is amazing!!!
  • Dustin R.

    Friendly and they really work with you.
  • William D.

    Friendly service knowledgeable staff great experience!
  • Karen S.

    The massage was one of the best I’ve ever had and the chiro adjustment worked wonders. Will definitely go back. Everyone was friendly, knowledgeable in addition to being so capable.
  • Lori Beth M.

    AWESOME everytime! Very friendly, personable, and knowledgeable! Great chiropractic and massage therapy/ care.
  • Leah P.

    Absolutely LOVE Dr. Teets and the staff there. They are so inviting and make my entire family feel at home, including my 4 and 2 year old. Dr. Teets listens to all of my concerns, and takes into account what I’ve said. Would recommend this office and staff to everyone!
  • Walt C.

    SUPERB !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Jessica K.

    I started going to Discover Health and Wellness when I was pregnant for massage. I got my first adjustment (ever) on my due date and then began getting regular adjustment after I had my baby. My husband, daughter and I go just about every week. My daughter got her first adjustment at 12 weeks old. It’s a great way to keep her healthy and developing a small immune systblockquote. She loves Dr. Teets and we always enjoy our apts. friendly staff and nice office. We highly recommend Dr. Teets for family chiro care!
  • Wanda B.

    Very professional and friendly! Asked what I wanted and worked more on my needed areas.
  • Pat M.

    I drive past several chiropractic offices to reach Discover Health and Wellness in Westminster, but think it is well worth the trip every time. I am treated for migraines and stenosis among other things. About eight months ago, I started back to work, which required being on my feet long hours, and I developed hip pain. Dr. Hall examined me as part of my treatment and told me my hip problblockquote was actually a foot problblockquote. He recommended orthotics and the pain went away really quick after starting to use thblockquote and has not returned. I don’t believe that I would have received the same care from my primary care doctor. I feel Dr. Hall prevented me from having to go through a long process of diagnosis, treatment, and quite possibly, unwanted pain pills in treating that hip pain.
  • Kevin S.

    Great place! Will go back.
  • Julie J.

    I’ve been seeing Dr. Hanson at the South Denver location since Nov. 2014 for a back injury. Chiropractic is the only thing that has helped. I have been pain free for 7 months after years of chronic pain. My quality of life has drastically improved since beginning chiropractic and massage therapy. Highly recommended!
  • Sheila G.

    They provide excellent care, very thorough, very professional.
  • Melissa B.

    Dr. Zagiba is very knowledgeable and has a very genuine and personable approach with patients. His treatment plans are results oriented and his adjustments are always pleasant. I would highly recommend Discover Health and Wellness especially the Ken Caryl location where you can see Dr. Z!
  • Susan E.

    Was treated very well. Good service, friendly staff.
  • Robin M.

    Terrific staff from beginning to end!
  • Cindy K.

    The office is very modern, technically advanced and comfortable.  Almost can’t wait to get to my appointments.  I feel SO much better having gone for regular visits over the past several months and plan to continue on a maintenance basis. There are also additional it offered like healthy recipes, massages, weight loss challenges, a short, monthly informative health class, a food drive to help in the community, etc.
  • Suzanna P.

    Fantastic, the only place I want to go- as someone who has survived a broken neck in a car accident, I’m picky about how I’m handled! Unbelievable massage & adjustments!
  • Allison V.

    I had been having headaches daily for about 6 months when I decided to start treatment at Discover Health and Wellness. After a month of adjustments and being good about doing my neck exercises I no longer had headaches. I was amazed! The staff is so welcoming and friendly and I really appreciate the focus on total body wellness and not just adjustments. So glad I “Discovered” them!!
  • Kristin B

    Great chiropractic care in a patient friendly setting!  Love them!
  • Judy K

    I have been to a few Chiropractors and they never adjust me correctly. I started seeing Dr. W. because I got a Groupon. I went in, was greeted right away by the friendly face of Alissa. (love her). I met Dr. W. and told him about myself and my experinces. He actually LISTENED! I love going there I am in and out quickly. But the most important thing is the way each and every patient is treated like they are someone special not a NUMBER!!

  • Ernie

    Nothing has ever relieved my migraines or helped as much as the adjustments have. Truly a miracle!
  • Joel

    Chiropractic works, without it I would still be seeing “specialists” and probably be on medications to treat the symptoms, without getting much real relief.
  • Debra

    It’s like going from limp painful noodle to a small person. To pick up my grand-babies and puppies is more than I ever dreamed my body could do. I am able to walk easier, I am much happier and I sleep all night.
  • Carmen

    I feel better every day, I think so much more clearer.
  • Tiffany

    Since Christian was 14 months old, he suffered from chronic ear infections, strep throat, and many colds and flues each year. He also had very little flexibility in his spine preventing him from such things as performing a simple sit-up.  As his mom, I am happy to say Christian has not been sick for over six months.
  • Leif S.

    Very informative and insightful! Amazing clinic and astounding service!

Jess E.

We had no answers….We lost hope…. The moment we stepped in Discover Health and Wellness was the moment I knew everything was going to be okay….She’s walking. She’s running. She’s doing back handsprings. It’s all because of Dr. Laszlo and his wonderful team at Discover Health and Wellness.

Ed and Maro

I was diagnosed with cancer, and Dr. Laszlo and Discover Health and Wellness helped me get through the chemo.

I’ve been able to sleep at night. I haven’t had to use my allergy or asthma medicine.


It was quite amazing. I have chronic pain with my right rib. With my very first adjustment that was annulled and taken care of since.

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